Bake'n Go – Your personal baker

Either you are looking for tailor-made cakes or if you are the baker providing them, you have come to the correct place!

Choose a Bake’n Go baker from wherever you are!

Baking made easy, fun and safe!

1. Upload references

You probably have a theme or a cake design in mind that you would like a baker to bring to life. Search the web for inspirational pictures and save them to your photo library, from there you can easily upload them to the app!

2. Provide baker with all information needed

Everything from size to taste and even allergies you might have should be described in your order. The more information provided, the better. You are the boss!

3. Assign to a baker

You can choose to let bakers compete for your request or assign it directly to a baker nearby. Agree on a price, and voilá, you will have a cake for your desired event.

At your fingertips

Never before has it been this easy to order and customize a cake according to your own preferences directly from your smartphone!

Make somebody's day, today!

Become a Bake’n Go baker and start earning money now!

1. Attract!

Show the world what you can do! Set up your Bake’n Go baker-account, then update your portfolio showing your best work and potential buyers will be at your disposal!

2. Bake...

Buyers will provide cake requests including all information you as a baker will need to complete them. Now let your skills do the talking!

3. ... and GO!

Delivery method can easily be communicated and agreed on with the buyer - meet up and don’t forget to rate one another!

About Bake'n Go

The world is getting more and more based on different types of technologies which paves the way for new and improved methods of communication and economy models.


has made it possible for companies such as Bake’n Go to unite the baking world within our platform. We want to engage both hobby and professional bakers to use a platform specially designed for them.

The goal

is to make it easier than ever for bakers to connect with people in need of their services at an affordable price. Bake’n Go will become a global brand with services both on existing and new platforms.

The vision

is to become the leading baking sharing-economy platform by 2020. It is therefore important that we at Bake’n Go build a good reputation around our services, meaning that security, quality and professionalism are all in focus.

Simple, seamless and safe!

Who are we?

Erikson Correia
CEO & Founder

B. Sc.  Aeronautical Engineering, with 5 years experience in the oil and gas industry. Entrepreneur by heart who has worked with various projects, from coaching to product sales and app development.

Favorite: Cream cake

Edmond Yang
CCO and designer

Over 15 years of experience in art direction, visual communication and design.
International exhibited artist and serial entrepreneur

Favorite: Apple Pie

Elton Wong
CFO and project manager

M. Sc. Industrial Economy and Science Management, with 4 years experience in Project management and PRINCE2 certified.

Favorite: Napoleon’s Cake

Ilias El Mousaoui

Entrepreneur with 10 years experience in property management and business development.

Favorite: Cheesecake

Illir Sabriu
CMO & Growth hacker

10 years experience from tech and marketing industries. A startup grinder and a proud father of two.

Favorite: Marzipan Cake

Marianne Ziade
Marketing guru

B.S Marketing with specialization in Brand Strategy and Digital Marketing. International experience from the U.K, US and Norway.

Favorite: Vanilla Cake

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